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Annuities - What are they? Will they work for Me?

What is Critical Care insurance? Do you need it?

Annuities - What are they? Will they work for Me?Critical Care Insurance is needed because medical innovations are wonderful but that means they we are living longer and it will cost.  The reality is most of us know someone that has had a heart attack – stoke – or other serious medical occurence.  Someone in the US will :

  • suffer from a coronary event every 25 seconds and nearly 62% will survive – not die.
  • have a stroke every 40 seconds and many will survive with permanent stoke related disabilities.
  • be diagnosed with cancer every 21 seconds, and 68% will survive at least 5 years.

What would you do?   The emotional and financial toll on the patient and the family is overwhelming.


Did you know that 62% of bankruptcies are medically related?  Critical care insurance can help.  It helps with :

Mortgage payments, auto loans, credit card payments, lost wages, transportation and lodging  and medical costs and childcare.

What conditions are covered?  Cancer, Heart Transplant, Coma, Heart Attack, Paralysis, Major Burns, Stoke and more…. You need to check it out.

You can get this coverage from  18-6 years of age… Benefit period from  10 to 30 years or a lifetime.  Spouse and children can also be covered.   There are many additional riders as well.


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