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Long term care – Protect your Nest Egg!!!!

Who is purchasing Long Term Care?   Older adults that want to protect their assets – they want piece of mind that there is a way to pay for their care – without the liquidating of assets.

Women aged 53 to 64 , married or single with kids, college educated –  they need protected.   A homeowner – they need protected…. Most people don’t want to have their adult kids take care of them  – either financially or physically.   Loved ones may not live close to take care of them.

Some people have no idea how much long term care costs… but here is the reality –  Costs range from $3,000 per month to $8,000 per month for just one person in  an assisted facility.   1 in 5 households provide long term care to someone in their family.  75% of people over the age of 65 eventually will need long term care. The average nursing home stay is 3 years…. can you afford that?

Let me help you plan for this expense today…  your age and your desired price range of monthly benefits will dictate your pricing but there are so many companies…. there are also riders with this policy that will include a death benefit and an inflation protection.  You just get to pick the parts that are right for you.

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