Debbie has nearly 20 years of investigative experience and journalism on topics of insurance, mortgage, and financial advice.

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Lessons to live by… and they are just common sense

What lessons do you need to learn? What lessons will help you have a better life? How about these ….

Don’t let someone else damper your dreams. Don’t let someone else ruin your song… just sing your own song. I have never been in the box… fit in the box…or done exactly what everyone else did. Some times I was the nerd of the group… ok – I was always in the nerd group but that is ok. I turned out just fine. I stayed out of trouble and that was a relief.

Not everyone is going to go down the same road as you…. I kinda like my road now.. it is perfectly me. Magically me.. and that is Perfect for me. Sometimes the closest to you will poo poo your dreams. That is just fine.. keep dreaming.

So if you have a dream of what you want your life to look like and you can’t or won’t tell anyone.. tell me and let me help you get there.

Learn to embrace your differences and dream your dream.

Call me today and I will help you get there… where ever that takes you.