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How to be a Happy Retiree!!!!

Everyone wants to be happy in retirement – will you make it? What is needed for that to happen? Transitions are really hard after years of living for work and working to live – what are you to do?

You might need to sit down with me before you make the decision to retire and make sure that you will have the life you wanted… or we can change things up a bit. How ? Let’s take a look at what you have in the bank, 401K – what will your benefits be ? there is always something in social security… will all that be enough? Many of us will also need to get new identities. Why? Most of us are focused on our job and that usually defines us in our work years. What will you be now? Now is a great time to -if needed – get that part time job that means something special to you… your heart is really in….

Relationships will also change and that is ok. Maybe it is time to make new friendships outside of work – meet people with interests just like you.

Find a new purpose – not always do you have to work for money – maybe now is the time to volunteer if you have enough set aside and give back.

Any way you look at it.. we need to see what will make you happy in retirement before you get there.

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