Debbie has nearly 20 years of investigative experience and journalism on topics of insurance, mortgage, and financial advice.


Money Strategies with Debbie

How much you do need to retire?

How much do you need to to retire?  It all depends…… What will you be spending?   Many new retirees have a very full list of things they need to do and places they want to go….that makes a difference.  Are you staying home?  Are you in good health?  Do you want to travel the world?

The early years of retirement can be very expensive – doing all the things that you’ve always wanted… traveling, spending on your home and family.   The middle years is when retirees are typically slowing down –  many decide to downsize their homes to get ready for the later years when they will have increased medical expenses.

Housing and healthcare are the biggest expenses.  Call me today and let me help you with the long term care expenses  –  insurance policies that pay to keep your house and family running when you can’t.  Annuities are great ways to protect your assets and pay for life along the way without running out of money.  Not all annuities are the same – some are high expense but I work with lots of companies to find you just the right fit.   Many policies with long term care now come with income riders that turn into term insurance policies so that nothing is wasted.

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