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Money Strategies with Debbie

Habits that separate the rich from the poor….

Jim Rohn is one of my favorite speakers – he knows having a little and having a lot. I would rather have a lot… wouldn’t you?

Make a wealth plan… he said. Work harder on you than on your job … he said.
1) 70/30 rule…. why ? what? Live on 70 % of your take home pay and we will talk about the 30% in a minute… so 70% …really yes.. Don’t spend 110% only 70% – on your home, bills, that leaves plenty for other things.

2) 30% should be divided up: 10% capital investment that means investing… putting the money to work for you..engage in commerce.

3) 10% should go to savings… not investment – just cash savings for a rainy day. ( should things go wrong and they sometimes do.

4) 10% should go to charity – church, schools, charity teaches you not to think only about yourself.. and think of others… God will really like this part… be a cheerful giver..

I can always tell what you treasure by looking at where the money goes…

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