Money Strategies with Debbie

Go ahead…. Invest already!!!!

What are you waiting for? Invest already…. yes I mean it.. nothing is ever going to be perfect. There will be terror attacks, shootings, unrest in the Senate and the House… and I know – we are not even talking about the President….

We are in the 8th year of a great market…. So you can cost average your money or put in a bunch at a time.. just invest… the future looks …well… great… you HAVE to invest or you can’t even keep up with inflation. If you invest in CD’s – they hardly pay anything – so get with it…. start investing like your future depends on it.

I hope this finds you already in the 401K as much as you can and saving up every month. Just don’t sit on the sidelines… get the money and compound interest working for you… the sooner the better.

And then just watch…. it may get it’s share of set backs but you won’t be taking it all out at once anyway… call me today and let me help you with a plan that is tailored to you.