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Chronic Illness can happen at anytime – you need to be prepared!!!

Chronic Illness  – Can it Happen to YOU????

Yes – yes and yes… it really can . What do you have to do to protect yourself and your family.   Say you are 55 years old –  and need to have life insurance your family. You could purchase a $500,000  in a Secure Lifetime GUL 3 guaranteed universal life policy and elects to get additional chronic illness rider   Accelerated Access Solution.  Why?

You might need that part –   – you can choose a monthly benefit payout options or 2%, 4% on a per diam benefit that is annually adjusted for inflation.

The benefit can be elected anywhere from 50% of the death benefit all the way to  100%.

Then after 5 years at 60 years of age –  You suffer the unexpected… you have a stroke.  No one is really expecting this but it happens everyday.   Chances of recovery are good but your life insurance can also pay off to help with medical expenses related to the condition.

Payouts for chronic illness –  this policy includes an Accelerated Access Solution and you can receive a pay out of $10,000 per month in chronic illness benefits  that are TAX FREE!   Once the payouts are paid –  the family will receive whatever is left to the beneficiaries income tax free.


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