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Be Thankful!

Being thankful long term…. pays off. Yes – you heard me right – Some people have a strong sense of gratitude – others think that everything is owed to them. People who are thankful cultivate happier and healthier lives than those that don’t.

Ways to practice being thankful –
1) Gratitude journal – Write down three to four things each day that you are thankful for. It can be helpful when you are having a tough day to look back over this list – makes everyday stresses more bearable.
2) Turn your thinking around. People who are thankful for the things in life don’t lead easier lives sometimes they just think about everyday issues differently. Use the right words. Using negative language and labeling can make a situation more difficult and make it harder for you to be thankful in general. Don’t make it worse than it is.
3) Don’t think negative about yourself. You can say this is difficult – rather than I am not good enough or smart enough.
4) Practice mindfulness. Being in the moment you are making it impossible for your brain to race ahead and worry or plan for the future. Stay in the moment.
5) Practice meditation. Meditation is another of those incredibly useful ways of dealing with mental health issues and a general malaise in your life.
6) Cultivate a healthy lifestyle – being thankful is actually something that can greatly help make you healthy and keep you happy.

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