Debbie has nearly 20 years of investigative experience and journalism on topics of insurance, mortgage, and financial advice.

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I'm Debbie Bloyd.

  • BA from University of Texas Austin in Journalism 1986  
  • Series 6 and Series 65 for securities – licensed with FINRA for 5 years
  • Mortgage license   – for 20 years NMLS #200970 (license number)
  • Licensed in Texas and Florida
  • State of Texas Department of Texas Insurance License for Property and Casualty / Life Health

I am a financial expert because I have been in the mortgage business over 20 years and have seen and worked with all types of financials, self-employed, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc. It has been my responsibility to assist my clients in getting back on their feet, so they are in a stronger financial position. I work all types of credit and coach them in how to get good credit and show them how to pull up their scores. Setting budgets and planning are also some of the other services I have assisted my clients with. Always taking into consideration any changes in the lives, goals, health, family and any other variable that could influence their financial status.

Mortgage Brokerage

I work for an independent brokerage firm, which means I am under no obligation to sell any one type of product. I get to work with the company that serves in the best interest of my client by evaluating the cost of the product. This allows me the flexibility to make choices that benefit my client because I do not have propitiatory funds. I am not required to meet a certain quota or push one line as a requirement. It’s a win-win for my clients.

Another benefit of my mortgage services is that because I work directly with the clients, I know their story. At the 1-800 companies, clients are part of a phone tree and never get to work with the same person. I am personally heavily licensed and am held to a higher standard because I am personally held accountable. Most big banks take on that responsibility, not the individual on the line, so they are more willing to take risks with the client. Working as an individual, it is required that you have continuing education every year, submit to a FBI Background check yearly and have no felony charges. When you work for a big bank and do mortgages, you are not always required to submit the same checks because the bank has the legal responsibility. With me, you will always be sure you have an ethical licensed professional working on your behalf.


One of my greatest asset to my clients is my empathy and understanding of their situation. For me, becoming a financial advisor started out of the necessity of helping my mother. My motivation to help my clients get into a better position comes from knowing how trusting they have to be in myself and my advice. I truly care about my clients and want to assist them in achieving a higher credit score, managing their budget, evaluating the return on their investments and much more.

Another asset of mine is that I am still practicing in the business while other national personalities do not see clients. Naturally their information is outdated and often have unintended consequences because their advice is not based in real world situations. I work with real life problem and situations, so my advice is based on a greater understanding of their implications.

I only work with A+ rated firms and products because my clients trust me, and I take that accountability to heart. I make sure to work personally with each client, so I am always available to them and even make house calls. Working closely with my clients allows us to make decisions based on any changes to their life, the market or even goals, strategically.

Life Insurance

As an independent insurance broker, I don’t have just a few companies to sell. I am able to select from all of the top companies and choose the policy and term and conditions that are right for my client. I practice transparency, always including my clients in the decisions and disclosing all the rates and prices available. As a total fiduciary, the client’s interests are always above my own, so the final decision is always their choice if the product is what they need at a price that they can afford.

“Debbie and her staff were very easy to work with and professional.”

Jose Jones

"Debbie went above and beyond and walked us through every step of the home buying process.”

Josh & Erika Kelley